The Maryland Delegate Scholarship is offered to Maryland residents who plan to pursue a postsecondary credential full-time (12+credits for undergraduate students or 9+credits for graduate students per semester) or part-time (6-11 credits for undergraduate students or 6-8 credits for graduate students) at a two-year or four-year Maryland college, university, or private career school.

Award Amount
A student may hold the Delegate Scholarship with all-state awards. The total dollar amount of all state
scholarship awards may not exceed the student's cost of attendance (as determined by their Financial Aid
Office), or $29,600, whichever is less. Funds may not be available to award all eligible students.​
A Delegate scholarship is not renewable. Students must apply for the scholarship annually.
Enrollment Requirements
A recipient of the Delegate Scholarship must enroll each semester as a degree-seeking:
  • undergraduate student - full-time (12+ credits per semester) or part-time (6-11 credits per semester); or
  • graduate student - full-time (9+ credits per semester) or part-time (6-8 credits per semester)
Eligible Majors
All in-state majors are eligible.
Award recipients currently enrolled or were enrolled within the last 2 years, in a certificate or license
program, course, or sequence of courses at a community college that leads to certification or licensure
may use the scholarship to reimburse educational expenses.
Out-of-State Exceptions
Award recipients may use this scholarship at an out-of-state institution if their major is not available
at any Maryland institution, and if the delegate agrees. In order to verify the major as unique, you
must complete the Unique Major Scholarship Application. The 2022-2023 online application will be
available in March 2022.​
Scholarships can be used at out-of-state institutions if the applicant is on active duty with the U.S
Military and domiciled in the state. 
The scholarship may be used out-of-state if the student is disabled and studying at an institution
outside the State that makes special provisions for disabled students that are not available to the
the applicant at an institution in Maryland.
Certain unique majors not offered at a Maryland public university may also be eligible for the Academic
Common Market, is a tuition savings program that allows students enrolled in approved programs at
participating institutions to pay in-state tuition rates!